Once you’ve been working in the industry for a while, you’ve likely realized how important work culture inspires you to give your best. We believe the same, and here at Ubique, we work hard to create and maintain the atmosphere that works for you. What does that mean? Well, we…..

  • Appreciate humility while pursuing excellence,
  • Focus exclusively and selflessly on project success,
  • Live to find ways to give our customers more than they expected, and
  • Enjoy the challenges of varied customers and environments

If this sounds attractive to you, then you’ll likely enjoy working with us.

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Job Title: On-Site Detailer 

Who you are: 

A passionate and knowledgeable mechanical detailer/designer who loves problem-solving, stays engaged when things get challenging and who’s well versed employing SOLIDWORKS® for ongoing contract work. You will likely enjoy working with us and our customers if you: 

  • Are filled with Craftsman’s Pride – you love doing a careful job of everything, 
  • Appreciate humility in yourself and those you work with, 
  • Are excited by great design challenges, but pursue excellence even when others might find it boring, 
  • Are a great listener who keeps customer’s needs top priority, 
  • Enjoy being around professional, yet fun-loving people. 

Who we are: 

A one of a kind consulting and mechanical design firm with clearly defined company values and leadership; we have published a focused direction on where we’re headed in years to come that you’re welcome to read. We’re building our brand around a model of passionate and engaged people who bring unheard-of value to industry…a welcome fit for our clients’ and teams’ needs. 

The Opportunity: 

This position would involve working on equipment models and drawings on-site at various customers’ businesses. There is an additional requirement that your SOLIDWORKS® modelling practices be performed to a specific, disciplined standard which our customers value. You could be joining an existing team expecting you to already be skilled in this efficient method. More likely you’ll be the first one they’ve encountered, usually resulting in a highly impressed manager. 

Desired Skills and Experience: 

  • Proficiency in basic detailing and machine design features (2+ years of design experience.) 
  • Graduation as a mechanical detailer, technologist or designer 
  • Priority to graduates of the CAD Mentoring Program for SOLIDWORKS® 
  • Knowledge of the tools and methods to automate data such as Bills of Materials. 
  • Ability to rapidly pre-train on needed skills before engaging with a customer 
  • Priority to those holding multiple CSWP certifications 
  • The personality to focus on details yet collaborate in the big picture idea 


Further Details 

  • Willingness to travel to short/medium term positions around the lower mainland 
  • Contract engagement or part-time employee, with possibility of full-time employment 
  • Engage in multiple skill-testing intake tests and interviews. 


If you are interested please respond with a resume to this job posting, we really look forward to meeting you! 


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