I’m a newly-graduated designer/technologist/draftsman new to the industry. What are companies hiring for and how do I know to prepare for what they want?

Typically, hiring companies are on the alert for what they see often in new hires; those who will have tangled SOLIDWORKS® modelling skills, unfamiliarity with standard design features/practices, low productivity and no tangible portfolio other than your word. We have designed a training program to address all of these barriers. From industry veterans you will learn superbly efficient modelling skills and produce a 36-drawing portfolio that will more than convince them during an interview – they’ll be very impressed to see what you can do. Read the testimonial of Melissa’s experience with the Cad Mentoring Program for SOLIDWORKS®

I’m a foreign-trained designer looking for a position in my industry but with poor results so far, despite having taken SOLIDWORKS courses 1 & even 2. Can you help me get better results?

Here’s the barrier…the company that first hires you is going to lose money for the first 4-6 months. You will have to learn for example; Canadian technical terms, Imperial fractions, perhaps engineering software and even just the new office environment you will find yourself in. Not only that, but you will surely slow down the other engineers around you because they will be answering your questions and fixing the mistakes you will make as a natural course while you ‘get up to speed’ with Canadian engineering practices. That costs companies valuable resources. After this time you will likely make a great employee and then some other company inevitably will come along and say, “Oh, you worked for 6 months and they liked you? Great, we’ll hire you! ” The company wastes their 6-month investment. The end result of all this is that there is an industry-wide perception that the first company to hire a newly graduated or foreign-trained engineer will always lose. Companies tend to want to hire you only after your first experience.

To help you bridge this perception, Ubique now conducts a successful Cad Mentoring Program for SOLIDWORKS® for those who have engineering/technology/drafting credentials and have taken a basic SOLIDWORKS® course. For your research, read this testimonial of Demissies’ experience and then call us to discuss your goals.

I’d like to get much better using SOLIDWORKS in my job but usually, I’m too busy to study it deeply. Do you provide this type of off-line training?

We find consistently that the greatest influencer is the quality of the part models. The downstream effect on drawings, assemblies (and consequently the project success) is exponential for good…or bad! To attain superb modelling skills as fast as possible, you can get personally-mentored, 1:1 training with the Cad Mentoring Program for SOLIDWORKS® and soon start to see the impressive effect on your daily design work. If you see potential in getting comfortable with modules such as Routing, Toolbox etc we can provide individual training as you see fit.

I’d like to research more the idea of working for Ubique. What people are you looking for and what are the next steps?

We as a group all focus intensely on our customers’ experience and we ultimately look for people with the same mindset. In a nutshell, they have all come to expect from us the same things – superb productivity, rare skills, and personal humility. You will likely appreciate working with us If you have;

  • a love of a variety of challenges,
  • a proven track record in the industry,
  • an appreciation for humility,
  • joy in working with a team all pulling towards the same compelling company vision,
  • the ability to work with a variety of different customers in different settings.

Sometimes we hire those new to the industry if they possess the right attitude and superb SOLIDWORKS skills.

Please see our Careers page for the latest opportunities.


What do you mean by a ‘plug-in design department?’ What’s so different than us just hiring the occasional contractor?

You need occasional machine or product design support but a typical experience is that contractors can unexpectedly become unavailable and leave behind a confusing mix of different workflow practices. CAD models (from multiple softwares, sometimes) are so mysteriously constructed and disorganized that nobody can make any further progress with them. Left too long, this can permanently bleed efficiency from your growing company.

Your projects will be completed using consistent, bulletproof design practices which will accommodate all manufacturing cases and handle any level of product growth;  

  • efficient file control within a PDM vault 
  • file naming practices are automated to be unique 
  • Disciplined SOLIDWORKS® method - models are robust and easily edited 
  • discreet - certified to federal Controlled Goods Status 
  • perennially available - next projects done by the same team. 
  • online project collaboration using Podio 

My company would like to tackle bigger projects but we don’t see developing all these additional skills or resources. 

You can have access to many specialized services without investing in software and skills you’ll only need intermittently. This will fundamentally change your perceptions of the size of opportunities you can compete for with these services in your back pocket; 

  • stress, vibration and dynamics simulation using SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional 
  • easy product lifecycle management (PLM) with CADoMap for SOLIDWORKS® 
  • manufacturing instructions and customer manuals by SOLIDWORKS Composer


My manager and his designers would like to more easily meet their milestones. I’m not sure if we need more man-hours or increased efficiency.

Every design department has built-in ‘workflow friction’ which continually diverts from engineering productivity. Busy design departments typically lack the time to stop and fully optimize this. We can help you to evaluate the size of the opportunity and construct a plan to regain lost labor. These savings will eventually pay for the implementation effort. 

  • implement PDM Standard and Professional vault 
  • re-organize files using References Manager for SOLIDWORKS® (Reporter) 
  • adopt and efficient, team-wide standardized modelling method with the CAD Mentoring Program for SOLIDWORKS® 

We are starting to need (PLM) lifecycle capabilities to manage our products which are now in many customer’s hands. What can you suggest to get us by for now?

We can help you select a program, but these typically require a lot of setup resources and then need dedicated operators to keep it in play. Until you need this size of solution, you’ll have only inefficient and non-visual spreadsheets of your own design. Now, you can employ a small yet efficient and visual PLM system to track the history of products in customer’s hands with CADOMap for MindManager and SOLIDWORKS.  

  • take a snapshot of a released project in a mindmap format 
  • record all changes, notes, conversations, and updates directly on the mindmap 
  • non-designers can maintain the information 
  • use the Gantt chart function to quickly plan and assign new projects. 


I’m sure there are lots of ways to improve our design departments’ workflow efficiency but our team is typically too busy to stop and focus exclusively on that.

Yes, we find that even small tweaks to the workflow can quickly accrue permanent savings, especially with larger teams. Once there’s a discovery, we can prioritize the lowest-hanging fruit for the biggest return. Some examples are; 

  • PDM Standard/Pro vault workflow fine-tuned 
  • Templates optimized to work together and feed other data systems 
  • SOLIDWORKS Routing module (piping/tubing/electrical) fully implemented 
  • Standardize your team modelling method to improve assembly and drawing performance with the CAD Mentoring Program for SOLIDWORKS 
  • Automate repetitive features, drawings and projects using DriveWorksXpress and DriveWorks Solo configurators 
  • Toolbox implemented properly and thoroughly with best practices 
  • Automate file naming with the Autonumbering for SOLIDWORKS add-in with a standard 6-digit counter or request a version to duplicate your existing method. 


What is meant by the idea of a successful PDM vault implementation?

The whole idea of using a vault is for your team to work more efficiently than out of Windows folders. It’s not enough, therefore, to be just using the Vault; one must aim for enough gains that it at least pays for itself. Success will come when; 

  • templates are designed to work together 
  • single entry of all data fields 
  • all CAD files inside the vault 
  • no projects remaining outside the vault 
  • all libraries inside the vault 
  • Toolbox (if used) inside the vault 

If you are contemplating a vault but your SOLIDWORKS files first require organization and repair, use the free References Manager for SOLIDWORKS (Reporter) to easily research and plan the scope of your repair project 


My responsibilities mean I need productive, independent contractors. How do you help with this? 

We ensure the people helping you are at the level you require for your projects. Your needs will be better known by us as we work together repeatedly, and therefore the more thorough is our pre-training of contractors. Our senior designers will mentor the workers to ensure you’re happy with them. 

Many times contractors leave behind models that are indecipherable; consequently, they’re easier sometimes to redo than to edit. Will it be different with Ubique’s contractors? 

Because we necessarily leave behind models to be re-used by our customers, we take modelling discipline seriously. In fact, we pre-train everyone on the disciplined, efficient Ubique Modelling Method so that models are robust and are easily re-used by your team. 


Our project has hit a dead end – either the SOLIDWORKS model is very tangled up or we’re wondering what direction to next take the design. Can you provide an outside opinion? 

Our experienced senior designers can consult with you on-site to interrogate your design and models to help you navigate a way forward. They have a wealth of experience such as SOLIDWORKS® applications engineer and operations manager for a company designing electron-beam machines.  

Our file naming control is manual and we have no plans to use PDM Professional. Can we get this feature automated somehow? 

If you’re working in PDM Standard or Windows folders, you can save time with the add-in AutoNumbering for SOLIDWORKS®. Multiple designers will concurrently keep new files unique and rename older files while keeping the references intact. Instead of a 6-digit random number, you can have the add-in designed to match your current numbering system. Are you wanting a new method to name files? Read Dan’s blog article for our view of file naming best practices. 

I’m tasked with implementing PDM but a huge job is first sorting out and repairing the SOLIDWORKS files. I want to know the size that job actually is so I can plan it. Is there a way to do this accurately and efficiently?

You’ve realized the workflow savings of controlling your files in a vault but blocking progress are the poor state of cad files. Duplicates, incorrect references and file names, missing references other issues constitute a project of unknown size. Quickly interrogate your files using the References Manager for SOLIDWORKS® (Reporter) and the calculator will report the amount of problem files so you can plan the time and resources. If your project turns out to be prohibitively large for manual repair, we can get your files optimized automatically using the Professional version of the References Manager. 


Our designers all model with SOLIDWORKS differently and I can clearly see, as the projects get bigger, how this built-in friction robs our productivity. What’s a good way to address this situation for good?

You’re regularly experiencing fragile assemblies, confusing models and slow to produce drawings impacting your milestones. If you’re suspecting that your team needs a team-wide, common modelling method but cannot find any description or guide to follow, you’re not alone. We train our designers on the Ubique Modelling Method for our customers’ benefit and we can mentor your team also with the CAD Mentoring Program for SOLIDWORKS®. See this videofor an overview of the method and amazing benefits you can adopt for your department. 

We have a pile of red-line markups that we need to get to. Is this something you would take on for us?

You can get competent help on-site to complete your backlog of markups. We provide reliable contractors who will; 

  • design any new models employing our disciplined Ubique Modelling Method  
  • employ your PDM system (or follow your Windows folder workflow) 
  • efficiently sort out any file references issues using the References Manager for SOLIDWORKS (Reporter) 
  • familiarize themselves (and manage their own project/s when necessary) with a visual mind map using the CADOMap for SOLIDWORKS® & MindManager® 


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