Are you at the stage where you require reliable machine design services?

Does contracting single designers make you feel stressed and wary?

Has your own project hit a dead end due to a design challenge or CAD complexity?

Are you becoming concerned about the future of your products – file security, design workflow and customer lifecycle?

Could you immediately tackle larger, more profitable projects if only you had the proper support?


  • Whenever required you can plug in a highly organized, perennially available design department to handle the mechanical design of your projects. 
  • Your design workflow will accommodate unlimited product success and complexity
  • Your files are discreetly vaulted and secure, organization is certified to federal Controlled Goods Status
  • Designs created with a disciplined modelling method supporting assembly stability and intuitive customer reuse

Technical Illustrations

Get technical illustrations using your existing cad models. Obtain high-quality 2D and 3D illustrations extremely useful in marketing, sales or technical publications. Outsource this service with us and let your engineers do what they do best, design.


Digital Simulation and Analysis

Simulation has become a key enabling factor in product development. It allows you to virtually test concepts in the development phase and understands the strengths and weakness of the future product. This process saves time and expense over manual testing and redesign.

Structural Steel

You can have an engineering department for your project or on-call specialty services.  Our group have together decades of machine-design experience in various industries. We can provide you with temporary, expert help when your timelines go critical. The contractors are carefully screened to make sure that they can dive right into your problems and get them solved on time.


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