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A Part Numbering System That Works

Engineers often view part numbers as a bureaucratic process forced on them by the sales department of the company but they can have far-reaching efficiency and legal complications. Part numbers: so simple, what could possibly go wrong? Just ask Ray...

The Case to Standardize Your Solidworks Part Modeling

Does your design department all work to a standard SOLIDWORKS® modeling method.....or is everyone going about it their own way with their own opinion of what is best? If so, you've likely run into these ongoing frustrations: ​ Part models are too busy and...

Our Test of Windows 10

Since the Windows 10 roll out is starting, many people who actually use computers for a living are wondering if they should upgrade.  We tested Windows 10 on a computer so that you do not have to be first. There is a good caveat on dealing with any...

Solidworks Simulation 2014

We find this blog post inside Solidworks Blog "Virtual simulation is now used as a 3D concurrent engineering tool by product engineers during each phase of the Product development cycle. To make the implementation of virtual simulation smoother and to get...

Reasons to Job Search

Changing jobs by your choice or not is possibly the most difficult situation we can experience during our adult lives. If we are terminated, the sum of all fears come together in an instant sitting in your managers office listening to their business...


Sheet Metal Exercise

On-Site Staffing Intake Assessment





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