Solidworks® Customized

Speed up your productivity

This add-in to SOLIDWORKS allows all designers to name files uniquely and automatically. Customized to the client’s naming scheme, it also works on the cloud with a distributed team.

To more easily manage your large projects, the CadOMap program allows your SOLIDWORKS assembly to be opened up as a MindMap. This allows anyone to be updated on progress and easily see the structure without needing SOLIDWORKS.

The CadOMap program allows SOLIDWORKS to be opened as a mind map, and in MindManager it will show a Gantt chart view of your project whenever you need it. Use it to first plan then track a project of a SOLIDWORKS assembly.

A custom program that re-established 50,000 broken references in the SOLIDWORKS files for a large customer. This program did the job overnight and saved $50,000 over the manual labor option.


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