We find this blog post inside Solidworks Blog
“Virtual simulation is now used as a 3D concurrent engineering tool by product engineers during each phase of the Product development cycle. To make the implementation of virtual simulation smoother and to get the full benefits of simulation while you are designing, you need to have in your hands both intuitive and powerful FEA software. The article also give us a sneak peak on the 2014 performance improvements:

1. A new solver for large models

The 2014 release includes, for all users, a new robust solver called “Large problem Direct Sparse Solver.” This solver is tailored to models that contain millions of degrees of freedom so you can efficiently solve simulations for large models, parts or assemblies.

2. Large speed up in the Iterative Solver
SolidWorks Simulation 2014 boosts your calculations with a large speed-up of the iterative solver, which again is available to all users. The new version improves the multi-core support at a rate of around 10-15% and the convergence speed of contact simulations up to 40%!”

You can read the whole article here


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