Do you regularly ramp up contract design staff for overload periods? Most of the previous ones have disappeared, so you yet again train from scratch the new ones after interviewing many of them. When the contactors leave, many of their SOLIDWORKS® files are so undecipherable you practically have to redo them?

 Meet your targets on time working with contractors who:

  • All design easily edited models and drawings using the same disciplined “Ubique modelling method
  • Are always available, already knowing your processes and culture
  • Are pre-trained before their start on PDM, Routing, tolerancing methods etc.
  • Hold Certified SOLIDWORKS® Professional certification’s


Supplement your staff on-site with redlining, detailing and machine design to advanced digital stress analysis. You can request they provide their own workstations and SOLIDWORKS® licenses. They will provide:


Rework already designed drawings and models to match fabricator and assembler markups, matching as-built status.


Produce drawings from already-designed models, with some non-design modelling and model changes produced where necessary.


Full machine design services to add to your team, or take over a discrete portion of the project. This can also include strategic design review, digital stress analysis, instruction/manufacturing manuals et al.

    1. Temporary Contractor – Temporary, on-site design help
    2. Contractor to hire –  When you are ready
    3. Employee placement – Talented hires


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